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Celebrating the ~600 million year story written in our rocks. 

The coast of Maine has been sculptured by rifting oceans, ancient super volcanoes, continental ice sheets, and changing sea levels. 

These coastal regions make up part of the traditional homelands, past and present, of the Wabanaki people. 

Coastal Maine Geopark is not like a typical "park" - it is a community driven project to promote education about the geological heritage of the region. 

By celebrating the connections between geology, nature, and cultural heritage, we work to ensure a cared-for landscape, strengthened livelihoods, and deeper understanding of geology's role in society today and in the past. 

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Hearing local voices is fundamental for the process of developing a Geopark. What do you think about the Geopark? Do you have suggestions? We greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts.


Thank you for helping shape the future of this community-led education about our shared 600-million-year-old heritage.

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