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Image by Miro Vrlik


A small advisory group is currently behind all the planning for the Geopark. Members of the advisory group include:

  • Sarah Hall | Earth science faculty member at College of the Atlantic.

  • Joseph Kelley | Marine geology faculty member at University of Maine. 

  • Don Hudson | President emeritus at Chewonki and current chair of the International Appalachian Trail chapter of Maine. 

  • Sahra Gibson | Undergraduate student at College of the Atlantic, class of 2020. 

The Geopark is working towards becoming a nonprofit in the near future. 

Community Partners

The Geopark works in collaboration with existing community partners and projects that promotes regional heritage, to strength our collective community goals. So far we are working in collaboration with:

  • Downeast Fisheries Trail

  • Maine's IceAge Trail

  • Sunrise County Economic Council

  • Friends of Fort Knox

  • College of the Atlantic

  • Climate Change Institute - University of Maine

  • Geological Society of Maine 

The Geopark is continuing to foster relationships with community partners, nonprofits, land trusts, town councils, and local people.

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