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Image by Miro Vrlik

Coastal Maine Geopark


The coast of Maine has an outstanding and unique heritage of volcanism, glaciation and changing coastlines. Developing a Geopark in this region will allow us to celebrate and promote that heritage while supporting sustainable development for the region through geotourism.

Promoting how the coast of Maine has changed, and is changing, over long

geological timescales is vital for enhancing awareness and understanding

of key issues facing society today, such as sea level rise and 

sustainable use of natural resources. Currently there is little 

education about coastal Maine's internationally significant 

geology which is why now is an ideal time to establish 

a Geopark in this region. 

Goals of the Geopark

Celebrate and promote the geology of coastal Maine and how the geology influences the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

Display scientific and cultural sites of importance at selected Geosites.

Foster partnership and collaboration between local communities and internationally through regional and global networks where knowledge, ideas, and experiences are shared.

Promote sustainable development for rural coastal Maine communities through geotourism.


Current Projects

Developing a Geopark is a long-term project that takes time to foster relationships with community partners, develop educational projects and raise sufficient funding. 

Since the beginning of the Geopark planning in 2020, we have focused on laying out the proposed Geopark area and Geosites. We are currently building relationships with community partners at each Geosite and other organizations that can support the Geopark.


One of our primary focuses right now is working on strategic planning and building a sustainable management plan. 

Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Mark F. Riewestahl, founder of Black Spruce Design and current senior at College of the Atlantic. It captures many of the iconic landscape features of coastal Maine.

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