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Coastal Maine Geopark

Celebrating Coastal Maine's Geoheritage

Please note that some pages are still under construction as we develop this website.

The granite mountains, tidal rivers, and coastal cliffs, along the coast of Maine have all been shaped by powerful geological processes over billions of years. The geological heritage of the coastal-Downeast region of Maine has influenced how people have lived in the region over thousands of years and continues to live today. 

Coastal Maine Geopark is not like a typical "park" - it is a living landscape where local community members come together to promote education about the geological heritage of coastal-Downeas Maine at selected Geosites. You can explore these 37 Geosites to learn about the 600 million-year-old story written in the rocks and how these geological features are the foundation for biological diversity, archeology, cultural heritage, and on-going community projects today. 

The aim of the Geopark is to contribute to sustainable development by raising public awareness of the role of geology in society. A vital part of its work is to promote a connection with the landscape and appeal of the area through education, both to locals and visitors.

Planning for the Coastal Maine Geopark began in January 2020 and is still in the early stages of development. 

News and Updates

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