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Discover the Geopark

Museums & Visitor Centers

There are many fantastic museums and visitor centers to stop by as you explore the Geopark region. Each stop offers fantastic education about the region's natural history, maritime culture, and local heritage.

Penobscot Marine Museum

Overview: A wide collection of exhibits and archives about the marine heritage of the Penobscot. Children friendly exhibits to climb around on!

Opening hours:  7 days a week, Memorial Day weekend through the 3rd weekend in October, and closed in winter. 


Sailing Boat

Wilson Museum

Overview: Dr. John Howard Wilson was a geologists who brought back rocks and minerals from all over North and South America as well as the coast of Maine. Step back in time at the museum to explore rocks and fossils from the earliest geologic times and then follow humankind's advances in tool-making from pre-history through Castine's rich local history.

Opening hours:  May 27 - September 30
Weekdays 10 am - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 5 pm


Dorr Museum of Natural History

Green Crystal Rock

Overview: "The Dorr Museum features dioramas of coastal Maine wildlife and a tide pool tank that houses a variety of live sea stars, hermit crabs, snails and other marine creatures.  Visitors of all ages can touch, smell, listen and create while learning about the natural history of Maine. All exhibits are designed and produced by students at College of the Atlantic. " (

Opening hours:  coming soon

Dry Leaf

Maine Granite Industry Historical Society and Museum

Overview: Learn about how granite is quarried and the types of tools that have been used over time. Unique and special stone samples are mapped to Maine quarries, so you can learn what type of granite comes from where. 

Opening hours:  May 15 to Nov 30; Tues-Sun 10am - 4pm

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